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Simple fun with simple toys
while many modern ones that come with a prescribed narrative or batteries or take place on screens "engender little more than habits of passive consumerism." Goldschlager at The Toy Space agrees. "Einstein said play is the highest form of research.
Toy Stories: Merchandising Success Without TV or Movie Exposure
The third year, they did $4.5 million, all without a shred of TV exposure -- and no advertising of any sort. "It was all word of mouth," says Aigner-Clark. Baby ... and a toy in FAO Schwartz, and there's no Hispanic nanny. You can't spoil my character.'
Is a Disabled TV Character Too Much for Toddlers?
A father going by the name of brightroddydoddy wrote: I question the logic of hiring a girl with part of her arm missing ... when I turned on “Lambchop and Friends” — the show that got Evan primed for his nap — and found a large purple ...
Should tots watch TV?
As a reporter for the New York Times, Guernsey had covered personal technology, digital media and electronic toys ... front of the TV back in the ’90s showed more television use among young kids, before the days of Baby Einstein, than today.
Which TV Shows Are Appropriate For Little Kids
not using the television for background noise, and paying more attention to the educational ratings and content of the shows. Keep reading for nine shows recommended by our moms with preschool-aged kids.
Global Toys and Games Industry
NEW YORK, July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Global Toys and Games Industry ...